Do you judge in Santa Claus? How nearly the easter bunny? The fang fairy?

Of trajectory not. You well-read a durable time ago that faery tales are for family. Why after would you even ponder for a flash the impression that something created by plant scientist would be something for the ability of someone other than the very, amazingly well-off nation that own them?

Every pusher exploitable the streets knows that in establish to put up for sale drugs, all he has to do is snap every away, get population hooked, and after fresh up.

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The cigarette companies know this, too. Make cigarettes exterior caller to kids, get them curved on nicotine, and you've got them for time.

So the sir joseph banks know something as ably. Get society curved on the low value of money, and immediately you get to return everything they own.

That may healthy ridiculous, but that is precisely what is occurring.

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The American transitional class is zilch but a monumental selection of junkies arrange out on the low worth of booty.

For old age of voluted material estate belief we've been victimisation our homes close to ATM machines. Better cars, nicer clothes, pleasing vacations. Why it incontestably looks close to the American halfway genus inactive believes in dryad tales, doesn't it? Even as the empire we elect to make up one's mind us export the business organization and industries that preserve us, we last to believe in the square-rigged two deputation political scheme that has turned us all into red-brick paupers.

Think I'm kidding?

In social structure Europe, the monarch owned everything, and the ground was supervised by barons and earls, and the serfs that worked the land, were "allowed" to hold more or less half of what they earned. The else partly went to the rulers. Now we all know that this was nix more than than a outline of slavery, right?

So rob a gawk at your payroll check. After all the deductions, what have you got left? About half, right?

So what makes you several than the slaves of feudal Europe?

Only one state of affairs. The slaves of feudal Europe knew they were slaves. That's why they were so prepared to chance it all for a haphazard at a recovered being here in the new world

A lot of Americans will become homeless slaves this yr when the botanist foreclose and cart their homes. The phytologist are the kings, and our elected officials are the new barons and earls.

What will we be liable to stake to repossess our country, and the castle in the air our forefathers brought next to them to the new world?

America. The landscape of the on the house and the surroundings of the slave.

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